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What Should You Do If Your Car Is Recalled?

Every carmaker ensures their cars are perfect, and manufacturers go the extra mile to make their vehicles reliable and durable. However, ever so often, a minor flaw, usually one that compromises passenger safety, forces manufacturers to recall an entire batch or several model years of a particular model or various models all at once. So, what should you do if your car is among the unfortunate ones the manufacturer recalls? Read this blog from Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE, to find out.

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Side view of a black 2022 Honda Accord Sedan parked at a road crossing overlooking the sea and a city skyline

How Safe are Honda vehicles? Watch These Survivor Accounts

One of the reasons customers love Honda is because Honda makes some of the safest vehicles in the world. If you’re looking to buy a brand-new 2022 Honda Civic or 2022 Honda Accord, be rest assured that your’s and your family’s safety is never compromised. Check out these videos posted by Honda on its official YouTube channel featuring real-life Honda drivers’ accounts of how their Honda Civic and Honda Accord helped save their lives.

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Side view of a black Honda Accord parked in snow in the woods

Get Your Honda Ready For the Canadian Winter at Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE

How To Get Your Honda Ready For Winter?

It’s no surprise that Canada has some of the harshest winters in North America, and Prince Edward Island, in particular, is one of the coldest provinces. With Christmas just around the corner, we’re already well into the winter, but if you’re wondering how to keep your brand-new Honda Civic or your old Honda CR-V ready for the Canadian winter, check out these helpful tips from Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE. Contact us to schedule a service today!

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