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2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid parked near a lake

Where Can I Order Honda OEM Parts for My Vehicle in Charlottetown, PE?

Get Genuine Honda OEM Parts in Charlottetown, PE 

The quality of genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts is vital for maintaining your Honda vehicle’s peak performance and reliability. And if you’re a driver near Charlottetown, you’re lucky because Capital Honda offers a convenient and reliable way to order genuine parts.  

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Pouring coolant into a radiator

Keeping Your Cool: Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Cooling System

How to Maintain the Cooling System of Your Vehicle 

When it comes to your vehicle’s health, the cooling system often takes a backseat to the more glamorous aspects of car maintenance. However, neglecting your car’s cooling system can lead to costly repairs and even engine damage. To make sure your car keeps its cool during those hot summer drives, here’s a look at how to maintain the cooling system of your vehicle. If you want to get your car’s malfunctioning engine checked for repair, our team of expert technicians at Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE, can help you with that. 

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A mechanic checking a vehicle

Where Can I Get My Braking System Checked in Charlottetown, PE?  

Brake Repair and Maintenance Services Near Me in Charlottetown, PE  

Your vehicle’s braking system is more than just a mechanism to slow down; it’s a critical lifeline that can save lives. Worn-out brake pads or deteriorating brake fluid can compromise your ability to halt swiftly, leading to accidents that could have been easily prevented. Therefore, brake repair and maintenance services are essential. Read below to learn about the various benefits of this service. Also, individuals living in and around Charlottetown, PE, can get vehicle repair and maintenance services at Capital Honda.   

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A mechanic checking windshield wiper

Where Can I Get Windshield Wiper Maintenance Service for My Vehicle in Charlottetown, PE?

Windshield Wiper Maintenance Service Near Me in Charlottetown  

Clear visibility is paramount for safe driving, and windshield wiper maintenance service plays a significant role in achieving this. Your vehicle’s wipers are essential for maintaining a clear road view during rain, snow, or other inclement weather conditions. Therefore, wiper maintenance service is important, and avoiding it can lead to compromised visibility. Interested individuals near Charlottetown, PE, can get this service done at Capital Honda. Please read below to learn more about its importance!  

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Transmission in a car

Top-Rated Transmission Flush in Charlottetown, PE | Keep Your Transmission Running Smoothly

Affordable Transmission Flush Service in Charlottetown, PE 

Think of your vehicle’s transmission as its lifeblood—the vital component that ensures seamless shifting and efficient power delivery. Over time, the transmission fluid that lubricates and cools the intricate gears and components can become contaminated, leading to diminished performance and potential damage. Here’s where a transmission flush service becomes crucial. So, are you wondering where to get an affordable transmission flush service in Charlottetown, PE?  

By entrusting your vehicle to the skilled technicians at our Capital Honda service center, you can get a complete exchange of the old, worn-out fluid with fresh, high-quality transmission fluid. This process not only removes harmful contaminants but also revitalizes the transmission’s performance and extends its lifespan. In this blog, let’s understand how you would know that your car needs a transmission flush. 

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One grey color Honda car is running on the road.

How Do I Change the Time in My Honda?

Owners of some older Honda vehicles throughout Canada had a “tough time” early this year with their Honda’s clocks going back in time 20 years. Honda Canada has assured it is investigating the issue and will fix it soon. Still, if your car is one of the affected or if you simply want to set the time on your Honda’s clock right, check out these useful tips from Capital Honda – your premier Honda dealership in Charlottetown, PEI. 

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One dark coloured Honda car is running on the road.

What Should You Do If Your Car Is Recalled?

Every carmaker ensures their cars are perfect, and manufacturers go the extra mile to make their vehicles reliable and durable. However, ever so often, a minor flaw, usually one that compromises passenger safety, forces manufacturers to recall an entire batch or several model years of a particular model or various models all at once. So, what should you do if your car is among the unfortunate ones the manufacturer recalls? Read this blog from Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE, to find out.

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One grey color Honda car is running on the road.

Get Your Honda Ready For the Canadian Winter at Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE

How To Get Your Honda Ready For Winter?

It’s no surprise that Canada has some of the harshest winters in North America, and Prince Edward Island, in particular, is one of the coldest provinces. With Christmas just around the corner, we’re already well into the winter, but if you’re wondering how to keep your brand-new Honda Civic or your old Honda CR-V ready for the Canadian winter, check out these helpful tips from Capital Honda in Charlottetown, PE. Contact us to schedule a service today!

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Car mechanic is working on a car.

Learn more about the service department at Capital Honda!

Where can I order parts for my Honda vehicle in Charlottetown, PE?

Have you noticed that your vehicle is not running like it should be? Do you know exactly the part that you need but are uncertain as to where you should order the necessary parts from. If you have been asking, “Where can I order parts for my Honda vehicle in Charlottetown, PE?” you have come to the right place, we can help you at Capital Honda.

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