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How Do I Change the Time in My Honda?

Owners of some older Honda vehicles throughout Canada had a “tough time” early this year with their Honda’s clocks going back in time 20 years. Honda Canada has assured it is investigating the issue and will fix it soon. Still, if your car is one of the affected or if you simply want to set the time on your Honda’s clock right, check out these useful tips from Capital Honda – your premier Honda dealership in Charlottetown, PEI. 

How to set the clock in your Honda 

Whether it’s a Honda Civic or CR-V, setting the time in your Honda has never been so easy. But before starting, Charlottetown drivers will first need to consider the model year of their Honda because the process for changing the time differs depending on the generation.  

Starting from the latest 2022 Honda models to the oldest, here’s how you can set the time on your Honda. As always, make sure your Honda is parked before you change any settings. Safety first!  

2016 – 2022 Models  

The front area of a Honda car is shown.

Non-touchscreen models:  

  • Press and hold the “Menu/Clock” button 
  • Turn the selector knob to choose the hour  
  • Press the knob to enter the minutes setting  
  • Select the minutes  
  • Select “Set”  

Touchscreen models  

  • Select “Home” 
  •  Go to “Settings” > “Clock” > “Clock Adjustment”  
  • Adjust the hours and minutes  
  • Select “OK”  

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2012-2015 Models  

  • Turn on the ignition  
  • Press the clock stem on the instrument panel on the upper-left of the steering wheel  
  • Rotate the stem to change the hours  
  • Press the stem to enter the minutes setting  
  • Rotate the stem to set the minutes  
  • Press the stem to set  

2006-2011 Honda Models (Without Navigation)  

  • Turn on the ignition  
  • Press and hold the “Clock” button or “AM” button until it starts blinking  
  • Press “Preset 1” to change the hour  
  • Press “Preset 2” to change the desired minute setting  
  • Press the “Clock” button/”AM” button to save your changes  

2006-2011 Models with Navigation  

In models with Navigation, the clock adjustment settings are in the settings through the Navigation.  

  • From the Setup screen, select or say “Clock Adjustment”  
  • Choose or say “Time Adjustment”  
  • Adjust the time to the desired hour and minutes.  
One grey color Honda car is shown,

Note: The clock settings issue has affected chiefly older Honda models with navigation systems, so this tip may come in handy. Meanwhile, Honda Canada is aware of the issue and has escalated it to the engineering team for a solution. Once a solution is found, a service memo will be forwarded to dealers to assist customers with their clocks.  

1998 -2005 Models  

  • Turn on the ignition  
  • Press and hold the “Clock” button until you hear a beep  
  • The clock should start blinking  
  • Choose “Preset 4” to change the hours  
  • Choose “Preset 5” to change the minutes  
  • Press and hold the “Clock” button to set the time  

Still Not Able To Set the Time? Let Capital Honda Help 

We hope these tips will come in handy in setting up the correct time in your Honda. However, if you’re still unable to set the time in your car, drop by Capital Honda, and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Once we’re done setting up your clock, if you think your Honda needs a tune-up or maintenance, we can help with that too. Click here to schedule a service online. Make sure to check out our service specials to see how much you can save on service.