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Honda ECON Mode and ECO Assist™ System Will Help You Save Fuel

How Does the Honda ECON Mode Button Work? 

Are you looking for a Honda car or crossover that will save you money at the fuel pump? If efficient fuel economy is at the top of your automotive wish list, the Honda brand will check all the boxes. To help promote efficient fuel economy, the 2020 Honda CR-V and many models in the Honda lineup provide drivers with an ECO Assist™ System and a driver-selectable ECON Mode. Many drivers who are new to the Honda brand want to know – how does the Honda ECON Mode button work? We are here to help at Capital Honda! 

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How Does the Honda ECO Assist™ System Work? 

Did you know that your 2020 Honda Accord comes standard with an ECO Assist™ System? This system is put in place to provide you with visual indicators on how your driving patterns will impact fuel economy. When you are driving in a way that improves fuel economy, the ambient meter on the driver information display will turn Green. Light Green indicates moderate acceleration and deceleration. White indicates increased acceleration and deceleration that could have a negative impact on fuel economy. 

What is ECON Mode and How Does it Improve Fuel Economy? 

ECON Mode is an additional feature in many Honda models that will help you maximize efficiency. Located on the center console, the ECON Mode button will adjust various performance elements of your vehicle to prioritize fuel economy. When ECON Mode is activated, ECON ON will appear on your driver information display. Here is how ECON Mode will maximize fuel economy. 

Throttle Response – ECON Mode will adjust throttle response at higher speeds to limit acceleration and improve your fuel economy. 

Transmission Shift Points – To further maximize fuel economy, ECON Mode will adjust transmission shift points to shift at lower RPMs and prioritize fuel consumption over performance. 

Cruise Control – When you switch to ECON Mode with cruise control on, expect your Honda to downshift less frequently to improve your L/100 km rating. 

Climate Control – When in ECON Mode, your Honda will adjust climate controls and air compressor settings to operate more efficiently and prioritize fuel economy.  

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How does the Honda ECON Mode button work? Find out how ECON Mode and the ECO Assist™ System in your Honda will help improve fuel economy with this quick guide. Visit the Capital Honda inventory today to find a Honda that matches your lifestyle!