Person washing the glove box inside of a vehicle

Keep the inside of your vehicle as clean as the outside!

How to clean the interior of your vehicle without damaging the surfaces

Over the past few months, we have learned the importance of always washing our hands and sanitizing surfaces that are used often. Have you taken this practice to the interior of your vehicle? Today, we have put together a brief guide on how to clean the interior of your vehicle without damaging the surfaces. Learn more below.

Various cleaning supplies

What products can I use to disinfect the interior of my vehicle?

You might be gearing up to head to the store and purchase some new products. Before you do that, check the household cleaners that you have right now. Are any 70% alcohol? That is what you should use inside your vehicle.

Now, what happens if you do not have any products that have 70% alcohol? Do not worry, you can also use some good old soap and water. There is a trick though if this is the route you take. You have to scrub hard to make sure that the surfaces are getting clean. However, when it comes to your cushion, you do not want to scrub so hard that you soak the cushion. This can lead to a musty smell in your vehicle down the road.

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Person washing the passenger's seat in a vehicle

What surfaces in my vehicle should I be cleaning?

It will not hurt to clean all of the surfaces inside of your vehicle. But you really want to focus on the places that you touch the most on your drive. These can include but are not limited to the steering wheel, shift knob, signal indicator, knobs on the centre console, etc.

Finally, there are two additional points that we would like to make about cleaning the interior of your vehicle. The first is if you have a touchscreen inside of your vehicle, make sure that you do not clean it with the 70% alcohol cleaner. This can cause the screen to warp. Second, if you have a leather interior, clean it, and then make sure that you take care of it with a good quality leather cleaner and then conditioner.