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Take advantage of your new Honda vehicle having ECON mode!

Is ECON mode bad for your car?

In your search for a new vehicle that will have you spending less time at the gas station, a new vehicle that has an Econ mode available would be a great option for you. Is ECON mode bad for your car? The short answer is no, ECON mode Is not bad for your vehicle. We take a closer at how this mode works and why it is not bad for your vehicle below.

2021 Honda Accord Dashboard

What is ECON mode and how does it work?

The ECON mode button comes as part of an ECO Assist™ System. This gives drivers great information about how driving patterns affect a vehicle’s fuel economy. When this system is engaged, many times the response time will be slower because the vehicle is speeding up or slowing down in an efficient manner.

Honda ECON Mode and ECO Assist™ System Will Help You Save Fuel

Will this affect my vehicle in a negative way?

ECON mode is not going to hurt your vehicle. It is a way that will actually help you spend less to run your vehicle. In addition, it will help you become a better and gentler driver. If you continue to drive aggressively while this system is on, nothing beneficial will happen.

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2021 Honda Accord Ridgeline steering wheel and dashboard

When should I and when should I not use the ECON mode button?

It is important to know that there are certain instances where drivers can and should not use the ECON mode in their vehicle. Some of the instances where this should not be used include on hot days, when merging onto a highway, and on dangerous roads. When you are going at a steady pace on the highway, driving like normal on city roads, and other traditional driving conditions are the best times to use this button.

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